What Its Like Trying to Get a Novel Published?

Inspirational article! about getting published.


writing-923882_1920It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog. I was off finishing a big revision on my middle grade novel (that’s a book with an audience aged 9-12). This is my second novel I’m hustling to get published, but it’s the seventy-fifth I’ve written (just kidding, it’s the ninth, but with all the false novel starts I’ve had over the years, it feels like I can claim a higher count).

I’ve dreamt of being a published author since before kindergarten (At age 5, my biggest ambition was to be the next Ann M. Martin. Or if not that, to run a babysitting club that occasionally solved mysteries involving secret passages. These are still my biggest ambitions). But as I grew up, talking about the author dream was like saying I wanted to move to Hollywood to be an actress—it was met with a lot of warnings that to go…

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