FEAR Part 8 continued…


Writers become Gods when creating their characters, but this privilege can surely only be allowed if the characters are rounded and not just mannequins on display, or meat-bags that get taken out in some torture-porn drivel.

Many writers find it useful to use philosophy as an aid to crutch characters.

This seems to be quite a useful tool.

For instance…

The killer was obsessed with nothing but survival of the fittest – as where the victim is just crazy about love.

These themes can be used quite well. How about, the killer who just “loves to love”. The crazy stalker perhaps. Or a mad fan?

As in the “man murders wife” example, “I love you to death my dear” and “I will murder you if I can’t have you”?

Another perspective – the victim is obsessed with survival of the fittest, but still becomes the victim because he or she let their guard down.


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