FEAR Part 2 continued…


Fear as we know it, is a completely universal concept. But as children, we fear the dark and we don’t even know why we fear the dark… we just fear it, no questions asked. Of course, this resulting in whining and crying kids, and sleepless nights for the parents. Perhaps this is due to the unknown, and the fact that our brains haven’t yet formed to grasp the full concepts of universal fear. As adults, universal fear is taken to great heights in the form of Isis, Donald Trump, Bin laden, and so on.

Perhaps racial memory has something to do with it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore R.L. Stine and his goosebumps series, I just personally believe as adults, real fear comes in all shapes and sizes and has nothing to do with being afraid of the dark. Real fear seems to be wrapped subjectively and are internal metaphors that reside in our hearts. It could be as simple as what Jack Ketchum said about the camp fire scenario. A simple “do I really know you?”.

It sounds simple enough, but relies heavily on everyone’s perception to the nature of the subject at hand, and must be explored in deeper wedged holes, as in universal fear.


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