FEAR Part 1: The nature on trying to describe the indescribable.


In Part 1 of my 9 piece article i’ll be discussing the topic of FEAR and how one is to accomplish this in literature.

The true nature of description is trying your utmost hardest to describe something that is indescribable.  After doing a piece on H.P. Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model I invoked the memories of reading it as a child.

As children, we are easy susceptible to fear, and with a quick chat to my wife, she questioned why we’re afraid of the dark. This topic gave me the inspiration to write this piece, and not long after, I watched a panel conversation with the famous horror children’s author, R.L. Stine. Stine states that the fears we experience as children are no different from the fears we experience as adults. I came away thinking “this just can’t be!”.

I racked my mind into remembering something Jack Ketchum had said in a pod cast in regards to a similar question. John Carpenter often speaks on horror documentaries relating to the fear inside the tribe, and the fear outside the tribe – what’s out there – and more importantly, who is in the tribe. Ketchum briefly gives us the usual campfire tale, and pondered the question “do I know you?”. Now if Stine is correct in his statement, then why, as children do we only fear what’s out there?

This is the way it feels as a child when sitting around a camp fire, but we never question who’s around the fire? Even if the camp fire storyteller is the killer, we question what’s out there. This feels completely objective i.e. the boogeyman’s out there, or the lunatic, serial killer, so on and so on when it comes to childhood fears.


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