FEAR – in conclusion.


This, being my finale in my 9 part article – the conclusion for Fear, being the topic at hand – I’ve learned something about my own writing, and that which I like to read.

Upon writing these blogs, I believe in questioning everything until its completely stripped with one simple word or idea. In storytelling, I believe the writers are the ones who must at least try to act God-like with their creations.

When it comes to fear, what is it that really scares the reader or viewer?

These things are even more difficult to pull off in film and television, as the director and producer should first consider the performer’s acting range.

Will the viewer just blatantly accept what the performer is trying to achieve? This is the question…

FEAR in conclusion is a universal concept that needs to be executed within the story setting and cultural differences – where all the elements are considered to succeed in projecting your views.

2 thoughts on “FEAR – in conclusion.”

  1. Oddly, though I studied phobias quite thoroughly in my psych-major past, I never thought to really ask what makes us fearful and how that impacts stories. I especially found the question intriguing about whether what we find scary as kids is the same as what we find scary as adults (while maybe not on the surface, I think i have to consider whether the more core fear is similar), and loved the “in the tribe” and “outside the tribe” idea was fascinating! While I don’t know about horror, I can say you’ve got two good distinct types of enemies there for your antagonists!

    Thank you for the thoughts! I’ll be pondering this one for awhile!

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