Do I have the right to write?


What else could I write.

I don’t have the right.

Song: “All apologies.”

Band: Nirvana

Lyrics: Kurt Cobain


Many writers ask themselves the following question every day, or even hourly, if you’re like me…

“Can I write?”

A very well-known film critic told me years ago, when I was in my twenties, that everyone is a writer, and I guess the same could be said about all things – after all, everyone is a critic.

Many people think they can write… but can they actually write?

The amateur film or literary critic who has no education in journalism, will just gather and combine quotes together surrounding the buzz of the film. It’s something I’ve never really encountered in fiction much but in film, it’s littered.

The real question at hand is, can anybody write?

The answer seems to be “yes”. Anybody can string a few sentences together to tell a story. Any critic can lift from other quotes. Even more so, if they enjoyed the film or book.  They can hype it into a supernova frenzy until it’s tainted, and quite frankly, it loses its mystique.

I touched briefly on this in my previous article. What really matters in writing, is standing out from the crowd. Having that unique voice. Not imitating and trying to be the next Stephen King or Quentin Tarantino.

Be yourself and remember, research is crucial before putting pen to paper in storytelling, or any type of journalism.

Something to think about would be this… From what I’ve picked up from other writers, is they seldom read the genre they write in. The key to remember, is you always have the right to write, but putting it out there in cyberspace can be a whole different ball game.

Are you ready to be judged?



Author: L.F. McCabe

Editor: S. McCabe

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