Up and coming pondering from a deep thinker.


“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling


For me personally the word has always been important.

The word is equivalent to a mathematical equation. Without the word, there is no image, and without the image there is no word. Words conjure images and can literally paint universes within our subjective mindset. Writers, such as Elmore Leonard and George V. Higgins, rely mostly on dialogue.

Without all the babble and description, this formula can project us straight into the mindset of the character and how he or she is perceived. He/she, by the rest of the world in this case – the fictional world – and the same can be said for reality.

What we are thinking is not necessarily what we are saying…

The Ancient Egyptians relied on pictorial images to leave traces of their existence. Images automatically signal the right side of the brain, and in the case of the Egyptians, they used facades of nature to make tangible communications. In fiction, we rely on the left side of the brain to signal the right side of the brain to conjure worlds, scenes and universes.

In some ways, the writer is a modern day magician. The old term ‘grimoire’ correlates to the word grammar, relating to French origin. Words and ideas are all we have for means of communication.

For example: If we were to tell a story about Joe walking down the street, we could paint it, but could we really place ourselves inside Joe’s shoes?

This is where fiction can become stronger than the visual arts.

Also, in Joe’s case, what happened before he walked down that street? Where is he going and why is he walking down the street? Expressions could work for the artist but for the writer, a hundred words could give the reader all the information they need to know about Joe walking down the street. Ideas and words are weapons in the wrong hands.

So as writers, I personally feel that we must strive to be illusionists and magicians.

Use  these tools to transport readers into other realms.

Some food for thought…

Were J.R.R. Tolkien’s books better than the Peter Jackson adaptions?

I’d love to know your views on this.



* Elmore Leonard


* George V. Higgins


* J.R.R. Tolkien


* Peter Jackson




*Author – L.F. McCabe

* Editor – S. McCabe

*Artwork – Creations by Kem©



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